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Timeless Jewelry Creations are one-of-a-kind designs incorporating tiny antique beads, high quality stones and pearls, and antique horse, rowing, bicycling, music, swimming, running & other sports and cultural medals from around the world. The antique sports and cultural medals on my jewelry provide a beautiful way to express your passion — realized or not.

Most of the medals were awarded years ago; and my soul tells me they were happily earned through hard work and passion. Wearing these lovely medals as jewelry now, gives new life to them and I have to believe- passes joy on to the new jewelry owner. I also have a large collection of other beautiful antique art medals whose origins are a mystery. If you have a special interest, chances are I have a piece for you — or I’ll find one. After do deserve a Medal!!!


The tiny metal beads used in my jewelry are taken from antique French handbags (yes, the bags are in disrepair), a method taught to me by Lucia Antonelli.

In addition to the medal necklaces, I create a wide variety of other styles – for all styles of women, as well as bracelets, earrings, anklets and special orders for brides and their attendants. Timeless Jewelry Creations incorporate the past and present in pieces designed to be worn for special occasions or simply because it’s Tuesday.

My pieces appear delicate, but are hearty, feminine and strong. All pieces are handcrafted to give the women who wear them the delight I get from making them.

So if you're looking for a special gift for yourself or someone close to you, please consider a gift of a Timeless Jewelry Creation.

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